Thursday, September 3, 2009

If You didn't Know Now You Know

Wanita "D.Woods" Woodgette was born July 6, 1983 in Springfield, Massachusetts But now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. If you didn't know D.Woods has been performing at an early age she has been a back-up dancer for Bow Wow and Lloyd. She had a small appearance in Jay-Z's "Change Clothes" video as well as being the lead girl in Lloyd's video for "You". She had a little cameo in "Stomp the Yard". She tried out for Making the Band 3 and was picked to be apart of the once platinum selling girl group Danity Kane. Now D.Woods is on her solo grind with releasing two mixtapes Independence Day Vol 1 & 2 as well as working on her debut album. "Legalize Me" is her first solo single off her upcoming album be on the lookout for the video. Make sure you visit

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