Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Mixtape: Lady In The Street

Yes for all you ladies (and gentlemen) who needed an excuse to be all they can be, in front and behind closed doors, here’s your chance. “Lady in the Street…” the title track to this eclectic, high energy, sexy and battle of the sexes instigating mixtape from ya girl D.Woods and hosted by world famous Dj Trauma is here for you to download and rock out to. The sultry “Lady in the Street…” sets the theme and is backed up with the steamy duet with new talent Timothy Bloom on “Sweat”. We witness a comical dialogue taking place throughout the mixtape with guests such as Girls Club Shanell of Young Money, Mika Means, Life Style Specialist Kenny Burns, Day 26, Mack Maine of Young Money and more. D.Woods mixtape followers will enjoy a remix to the online favorite “On My Side” featuring Mack Maine of Young Money and Rick Ross. Always keeping things up beat but sexy at the same time listeners will find a number of new D. Woods dance tracks but also clever catch phrases and messages on tracks such as “The Answer” produced by Soundz, “Feel Myself” produced by J-Lack, “Paying For Attention” co-written by Pooh Bear and “Training Wheels” co-written by Girls Club member Black Frost. Lady in the Street Mixtape will definitely have to go on repeat and will serve many purposes from the dance floor to the bedroom! But enough of just talking about it…download now and get you own experience!



  1. Here's a link talking about D's mixtape release: